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The Return of Rattan

I have to say, unlike my Mother, I am rather pleased to see the return of Rattan in a big way. From fashion to table ware, light fittings to bed frames, it's EVERYWHERE.

I am currently working on a residential project in the south of England, my clients brief for the guest bedroom, 'Tropical Rattan', after which I realised, we were going to a fabulous team. Sharing a vision with your client is key, I can't say I've had another client with as similar vision as I have, and as a result, we have collaboratively created what I would describe as a Bohemian Wonderland.

I purchased this headboard for my Sussex clients guest bedroom.

Rattan is a link between design eras that evokes playfulness and fun. I have enjoyed working with it on my latest residential project and I look forward to seeing the ways in which is continues to surround us, whether it be this summers beach bag or sun lounger, either way...i'll be looking out for it.

Nude Pinks and earth tones are so popular at the moment and Rattan sits amongst this colour palette so naturally and easily. It brings a bit of the outside, inside, without feeling cold or harsh, while remaining a nod to the past in a rather playful way.

I also sourced this rather adorable console / dressing table to blow dry ones hair...

Here are a few of my favourite Rattan picks of the moment:


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