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New Series out now!

Good Morning! I am so excited to announce that I will now be starting a new series within my blog. As much as I love sharing my morning inspiration and tutorials and guidance, sometimes you're just in the mood for something simple, to the point, approachable and visual. Something I always love from looking through peoples blogs are their 'weekly picks' which is essentially their favorite products and brand within a category. It can vary from paint brands to bed linen and I think is a fun way to keep my blog interactive and fun. They are always things I might go into further detail in the future and do an entire blog post about but I think it is always fun to have some variety and scroll through some beautiful products and know exactly what they are and where to buy them! As I start adding more and more of these, you will be able to find them all under the #brhpicks which you will find in the theme cloud along with many more!

My first selection of products for this new series is scented candles. My Mother is always lighting beautiful candles all over her home and appreciates high quality ingredients in her candles. All the details are below..


A) Miller Harris - Manolo Blahnik Edition - 'Bouton De Rose'

B) Jo Malone - 'Sweet Almond and Macaroon'

C) Neom Organics - 'White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon'

D) Diptyque - Botanical Scents - 'Rosafolia'


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