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'A kitchen's just a kitchen, right'? Wrong.

I feel like this is something everyone has to hold their hands up and admit, has been a thought in their head, even if for a split second. Truly, it's nearly impossible to give a kitchen a definition because it has a different meaning to everyone. For some it's a place to truly show off ones hosting skills, sipping a glass of champagne in cut glass flutes while presenting their military aligned rows of h’ordeuvres, it’s their stage. For others it’s a playground, a creative sanctuary, a place for creation and experimentation. Whatever it is to you it’s worth taking time and effort to create the kitchen of your dreams, a place that is remembered for exactly what you want it to be.

Whatever it is you want, it’s out there and it can certainly be in your own home, well why shouldn't it be? It’s just a matter of seeing what’s out there, finding what’s important to you, discovering what your kitchen means to you and collecting all those thoughts, inspirations and ideas together to create your absolute dream space.

Below I have attached some more images all of which can be found on my Pinterest page on the board ‘Kitchens’. My personal ideal kitchen is hard to pinpoint because I can appreciate so many styles. I would say it would definitely be a middle ground with a suave, sexy looking, social space blended with a high tech, accessible, well equipped space. I am someone who loves to blend social time and cooking time. I really adore lots of glass, well lit cabinetry, gorgeous marbles with pops of colored veins. Statement lighting in a very simple kitchen with a slick neutral color pallet is something I have seen a lot and am really attracted to. I also have a large part of me that can’t resist a rustic, Italian/French style kitchen with a clean cut twist. For example large tan stone with lots of glass cabinets and deep, rustic sinks with statement modern lighting above. I love to clash styles.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it somehow helped get the ball rolling. I am considering doing a blog post going deeper into the technology and design strategies that are available to you some of which you’ll get a little glimpse into from the images below. Enjoy!!

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