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Pinks, Peaches, Burnt Oranges.

Had a creative morning with the selection of some rather exciting fabrics for a residential project I am working on. With an array of textures, tones and of course, pinks, the client and I have concluded on a beautiful palette for the master bedroom. 

This is a palette you will be see me using all year round, on the cooler end for Winter paired with deep greens and greys and in the Summer at the warmer end paired with brass and coloured glass.

I am surprised by how much I love colour in my designs, when I was studying in New York, my feedback after every hand in was 'why are you so afraid to use colour???'. Boy, have I come a long way! I recently visited my clients ever so nearly finished Master and Guest bedrooms, here a couple of the photos from the visit.

I can't wait for this project to be photographed once our gorgeous bespoke curtains, blinds and throw cushions are finished. Watch this space!

It's all good and well having a one off client who is open to having an enormous bespoke headboard in burnt orange, but using these colours can sometimes be daunting. I have been scouring Pinterest to find some of the best examples I have seen of subtle but very much there, touches of this beautiful palette.




Bea x

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