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The Art of Outdoor Living

The creation and design of a succesful outdoor living space to me, truely is an art. Interior Design aside, career aside, everything aside, when I think of what my happiest space would be, its the perfect outdoor living space. It's not just a matter of placing some deck chairs out with a trendy print on the cushions and some bohemian lanters, its about atmosphere, true, authentic atmosphere. Ask any interior designer or aspiring designer, when we hear the words, authentic and atmosphere in the same sentence, we gulp ever so slightly. Peoples outdoor space is becoming more and more precious to them and therefore are willing to dedicate both time and money or creating themsleves an Oasis. Whether its the sprawling, lush space in front of a breathtaking Provencal House, the secret garden of an Italian castle or even the rare slice of green behind a London town house, they are spaces to be treasured and nurtured.

I find alot of my inspiration from my Summer breaks away in the South of France and Central Italy where most of my time is spent under a canopy, lounging on a soft cushions and snuggling under throws in the evening with a glass of wine, watching the night swallow up the sunlight. So many of these places have been around for years and years and so these spaces have had time to evolve and build character and to try and recreate such charm is a true challenge but one I am so keen to explore.

To truely capture these qualities youve really got to consider every tiny piece and detail that makes up the overall seduction. Things such as textures (stones, clothes, woods, pottery etc), accessories (throws, lighting, accents etc), furniture (benches, tables, chair, swings, hammocks, sun loungers, canopies etc) there is so much to consider and have fun discovering and collecting. Below are some images that to me capture the feel and ambience I would like to create and I would always recommend to anyone who wants to do this themselves or give their designer and snapshop of whats in their head, to create a collection of images, close up details or overall pictures that capture that true, authentic, atmosphere.

P.S I will soon be sharing a new board on my pinterest of ways to create these kinds of spaces which I hope will be helpful.

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