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Interior 101 'Do not fear COLOR'

I feel like it's so easy to slip into the habit of being drawn towards the neutrals and sandstones and I am definitely guilty of this. We are constantly being told to take risks with color and be BOLD but often I think people get it wrong. You can't just paint your entire kitchen bright yellow and call it 'artistic', bringing color into the home is actually alot harder than it looks but get it right and you're onto a winner. You've got to be strategic with where you're putting your sparks of color, 'method in the madness'.

Using plants and flowers are a great way to do this without the long term commitment, greens, yellows and reds work really well with this. Colorful books are another way to bring a pop, collect some fun, arty books to put on your coffee table or put them amoungst some duller looking books on a book shelf or in a home library. Another fun idea is using bold rugs in a neutral room, often with a simple piece of furniture over the top to create a layer effect and reduce the 'pow' of the colored rug. Either way, bringing color into your home is important and subtlety is key!

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