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My first official NYC Weekend!

After settling into my new apartment, I decided to venture out into New York and start exploring my new home. My spot for the day was Union Square which is the perfect place to wonder around with so many unique stores.

Our first stop was an amazing store that I've walked past a couple of times called 'Fresh'. It's most famous for its chocolate based beauty products such as scrubs, body washes and luxurious masks - literally like smothering your body in Nutella (if you're into that). The whole layout of the store is super bright and light with all the testing stations looking so tempting and plenty of chocolate to try.

The Famous 'Fresh' chocolate range with chocolate spatulas and the body scrub.

They have a really fun layout with a bunch of different chocolates to try and cooking utensils.

I absoloutely adore the way they presented all their prefumes and scents in these beautiful bottles.

Our next stop was at a place I heard of from another blog by Amelia Liana, a beautiful beauty and lifestyle blogger from London. It's a donut bakery called 'Dough' that apparently, and I can confirm, has some of the best and authentic donuts in the city. We actually found it totally by accident and of course couldn't resist.

I had the 'Mocha Almond' which had a thin layer of chococlate and a generous sprinkle of almonds, hazlenuts and biscuit crumb. Total cheat day.

After dough we walked around a little enjoying the sun and walked past an amazing interior design store called HomeNature which we ventured into. It was full of light woods and furs which is very much like my home in England. They use a variety of beaituful natural materials and a large majority of their pieces are exclusively custom made to order.


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